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About Cardtorial


We love gifting so much we took it back to its roots. Tokens from friends and loved ones to hold in your hands and keep close to your heart. Hand-crafted and laser cut onto beautiful, sustainable wood, each Cardtorial keepsake is meant to be just that - kept and treasured for always. Why wood? It's natural, elegant in its simplicity, and it lasts and lasts, like all great memories should. Our modern, whimsical designs paired with wood's timeless charm make for a surprising, delightful gift.


It's hard to believe our story started with a single wooden card. Over the past five years, encouraged by the community's enthusiasm for our products, we found our stride in making gifts to help us cherish those people and those memories most dear to us. We are proud to be a gift company that helps spread joy among loved ones and celebrates love in all its forms.


This season, expanding upon our most recent nature-inspired collections, we are continuing to draw inspiration from our surroundings in our exploration of all things floral. Based in Los Angeles, land of nearly endless sunshine and where flowers always bloom, we are continually mesmerized by the city's unexpected beauty. From wild aloe blooms to manicured rose gardens, Southern California has it all. Our latest collection of floral designs perfectly complements the grace of our medium and pays homage to natural beauty.

A Video!

In 2012, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of purchasing our own laser. Who wood’ve thought it’d be such a hit? Thanks to the support of family, friends, and complete strangers, our campaign was successful, and Cardtorial now has its own studio, where we get to pursue our dream of making beautiful products for great customers around the world. Like you.


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