Facebook Shop Opening!

by cardtorial Posted on August 23, '12



Thanks to moonfruit for making it so easy to set up.  Just as an aside, if anybody's looking to set up a website in a flash (e-commerce or otherwise) moonflash has some really clean designs. (www.moonfruit.com)

The only downside (and this is a big one) is moonfruit utilizes flash.  As a result, it's not compatible with many a program and device.  At the top of the list (a) mobile phones and (b) Pinterest!  Non-starter.

Off to finding a new place to host the website.  In the meantime, check out the facebook page / albums. :)

  • How do I change those smiley faces. You all know I love me some emoticons, but these are a little bit creepy.

    Posted by cardtorial on March 28, 2012

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