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Thanks for visiting the blog! A little about us: our story started with a single wooden card. Entering our sixth year of business, our small business has grown from a one-woman operation into a team of six creative and strong women.

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Our 2018 Resolutions


The research is in: sharing your goals with friends makes you much more likely to achieve them. That’s why—to celebrate the start of 2018—we’ve decided to share our resolutions with you! Plus, the Cardtorial team is here for you if you need your own resolution buddy (seven of them, actually!) to keep you motivated.


YVONNE: Think less. Surf more.


KRISTIN: Exercise regularly, finally stop biting my nails, bring lunch to work more often, get a library card and read more. 

Also, my biggest resolution is to try and make myself into more of a morning person – no more snooze buttons for me in 2018!


TIINA: Learn Finnish! This past year I spent a lot of time in Finland, where my mom is from. I really connected with my heritage and culture, and I’d love to be able to speak fluently with my friends and family. It’s a little difficult to find good resources for Finnish (they don’t have it on Duolingo or Rosetta Stone!) but I’m really excited to start practicing and be able to carry on a conversation.


JESS: To take a dance class


MADDY: Same as my New Year’s resolution last year: meditate! I took a regular meditation class for the first half of 2017 and made the practice a priority, but my dedication waned as the year went on. 2018: the year I actually meditate for a full 12 months. Probably.


LIZ: Read more books! My goal is to finish one per month.


KAYLEY: Start meal prepping!

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