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Thanks for visiting the blog! A little about us: our story started with a single wooden card. Entering our sixth year of business, our small business has grown from a one-woman operation into a team of six creative and strong women.

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Mother’s Day is this weekend, can you believe it? Oh, how time flies!


We’re so happy to bring you our fourth and final installment of our Letters to Mom series! We asked 11 awesome moms to share a letter to their own mother or a mother-figure in their life, celebrating what makes their family unique and what lessons they hope to pass on to their own children. We’ve been so moved by the incredible tributes to mothers, mother-figures, and children that these wonderful women have shared with us. Thank you for following along and being a part of a campaign so near and dear to our hearts!


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“Growing up, I didn’t know my father, but I was lucky to be raised by strong women. My mom and grandmother have always taught me to be brave in the midst of life’s challenges. I couldn’t have asked for better role models for my dear girl. Mom, thank you for teaching me strength and courage. I already see these qualities developing in Emma; she is unyielding, fearless, and passionate! I hope to fill this memory box from @cardtorial with photos of Emma’s childhood adventures and love letters from me.”  –Arriane, of @arriane




“I’ve been blessed with a mother who has the biggest heart. Growing up, she would always read and sing to me. A favorite song was, ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ She’s always stressed how important it is to read and sing to the little ones to stimulate their brain. This is something I’ve always tried to make sure I do with my children every day. Having the opportunity to give her grandchildren and watch her open her heart and show my babies so much love has been the best.” –Sheila, of @sheilamadrigal

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