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Mother’s Day Letters to Mom: Part II

With only three weeks until Mother’s Day, we’re so happy to bring you our second installment of Letters to Mom! We asked 11 awesome moms to share a letter to their own mother or a mother-figure in their life, celebrating what makes their family unique and what lessons they hope to pass on to their own children.


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“I pray that Oliver and Maribelle will remember these moments spent in our little home. That they’ll remember the times we stopped to see their Lego car or to read a new library book, all curled up in this bed, putting their happiness before social media. That they’ll remember the way we apologized and hugged it out when times got tough or feelings were muddled. The times around our tiny dinette when we sang together and laughed through shared meals. That they’ll think back fondly of when we spent time parked in their grandmama’s yard, learning to ride bikes, or at memom’s drinking tea and exploring their property. Simple bits of our days that add up to something bigger — the threads holding together our family values. This wooden box is a place to house those reminders of what we hold dear, adding to it through life’s adventures.” Demi-Brooke, of @demibrooke




“With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to thank the two women in my life who have been a model of some of the greatest qualities I hope to emulate as a mother & pass on to my babies. I’ll never find the words to do these women justice, but the mother I am today is greatly influenced by both of them.


Dear Mom,
Your sense of independence & intuition have forever served as an example of what a woman is capable of. When the days are long with my husband away at work, I channel your strength. I think, ‘What would my mom do?’ & I feel empowered. I don’t know how you managed to do everything you have done in your life while raising three children, for many years on your own, but I am forever in awe of you. In my spare moments, I tap into your entrepreneurial spirit & thrive in my creative outlets. You have taught me to maintain my own identity & to seize my talents. You take risks, act with bravery & follow your heart; I hope my babies can learn those same traits from me over the years. Thank you for being the strongest woman I know.


Dear Mother-In-Law,
You are the epitome of devotion & nurture. You have taken me in as your own daughter & have taught me many things about motherhood. You encourage me to savor & embrace all the moments of motherhood. When I’m feeling exhausted I hear your voice in my head ‘remember the lasts’ & I am reminded that one day my heart will ache for the time I am living in now, to have one more opportunity to rock my baby to sleep. You are tirelessly at the service those you love, from your hospice patients to your family. You have taught me, through your actions, that nothing in life is more valuable than time spent with loved ones. I aspire to love others with the same depths that you do. Thank you for raising the man I call my husband & for welcoming me into your family with open arms.” —Brittany, of @brittanyviklund




“Mother’s Day is fast approaching (how is it already mid-April?!) and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the mother figures in my life. So when Cardtorial asked me to write a bit about my mother, I was happy to do it! She has taught me so much by her example of giving, hard work, and unconditional love. All traits I hope I will be able to pass down to my children. I still can’t figure out how she home-schooled five of us and still kept the house running smoothly!”  —Marlys, of @mama_endo




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