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Thanks for visiting the blog! A little about us: our story started with a single wooden card. Entering our sixth year of business, our small business has grown from a one-woman operation into a team of six creative and strong women.

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Meet the Team: Maddy!

Throughout the next month, we'll be introducing you to the faces behind Cardtorial. Being a small, handmade business means that when you scroll through our feed, open up a package sent from our studio, or email with a customer service question, you’re interacting with one of the six of us. We thought it's high time we introduce ourselves to all you lovely people! Get to know Maddy, our Customer Service + Marketing Manager! 



+ How long have you been at Cardtorial?
Almost a year now — I joined the team last autumn!

+ Favorite part of your day-to-day?
I manage all of our social media accounts, and interacting with our followers on Instagram is definitely my favorite part of each day. I love all of it: seeing you guys tag us in product photos, sending messages back and forth with the amazing friends we’ve made on Instagram, and posting Stories all the time to keep everyone updated on the cool new stuff we’re doing. We have a lot of fun here in our studio and it’s always exciting for me to let our amazing followers in on those not-so-hidden ‘secrets’, like product sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and team bonding.

I also love writing the Cardtorial blog! My background is in journalism, and brainstorming, writing, and sharing the content here on our blog is definitely a favorite aspect of my job.

+ What do you feel is the most rewarding part of your job?
You would be hard pressed to find a team as supportive, kindhearted, and talented as the women of Cardtorial. Coming to work every day in that sort of environment is something really special.

I have also been thrilled to work on some socially-conscious projects since joining the team, including our International Women’s Day campaign to benefit Planned Parenthood and our ACLU-donation matching campaign, more recently. These projects have meant a ton to me, personally, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to work for a business and a boss that encourage us to lean into what we’re passionate about. There is so much freedom to grow, explore, and develop our skills and interests here at Cardtorial, which I am incredibly grateful for.

+ All-time favorite Cardtorial product?
Ahhh, this is a hard one! I’m stuck between our Carry Your Heart Keepsake Box (so beautiful and timeless) and our You’re a Catch card (so cute and fun).

+ Favorite place in LA to get some work done (besides the Cardtorial studio)?
Eightfold Coffee in Echo Park! They have the best oat milk lattes, friendly vibes, and a wall of constantly changing art books and zines extensive enough to cure any case of writer’s block.

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