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Thanks for visiting the blog! A little about us: our story started with a single wooden card. Entering our sixth year of business, our small business has grown from a one-woman operation into a team of six creative and strong women.

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Meet our brand new Baby Memory Books!

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We’ve been so excited to introduce you to a brand new member of the Cardtorial family, one of our favorite products ever: our Baby Memory Books!


We put a great deal of love, time, and care into designing what we believe is the perfect Baby Memory Book for you and your family! Each handmade book features one of two adorable cover designs — Dear Little One and May You Grow. The forty pages inside are filled with thoughtful prompts and designated spaces for family photos and trinkets. One of our favorite parts? A super charming, yet totally modern hand painted watercolor design, which graces each page of the book.


Six Months Spread.jpg


Our Baby Memory Book is super customizable, making sure that each book is completely personal to you and your family (even if this becomes your go-to keepsake for each of your kiddos—you’ll always create a totally unique keepsake about and for him or her!).


We wrote the prompts to be super open ended—if you’re the type of person who feels right at home with a glue gun in hand, there’s a ton of room to be creative with what you write and include in your child’s book. However, we also created something fool-proof (AKA great for the mom who has never even thought about visiting the scrapbooking aisle!).


Dear Little One Spread.jpg


Helping you preserve memories and celebrate the people you love most have always been two core tenets of our design philosophy here at Cardtorial. Creating a book that allows you to preserve your child’s earliest memories—a true selfless act of love, in what can often be a very chaotic time of life—felt like a truly natural fit for us!


Our hope is that this Baby Memory Book becomes a treasured family heirloom and a meaningful gift for your child in the next 18, 21, or even 30 years of their life and beyond…a book of memories to last many lifetimes!


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