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How to be the best wedding guest ever!

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Wedding season is on! You’ve put together your go-to wedding look (Cute, but comfy. Fun, but not too memorable — this dress has six weddings to attend this summer!), booked your tickets to each destination wedding, and are ready for some good times with friends and family. We’re here (with the help of some of our Instagram followers!) to pass along a few tips to make sure you’re the life of the party and finish out the next few months with the ultimate title: World’s Best Wedding Guest!


1. RSVP ASAP! Whatever you do, don’t lose that invitation. The sooner you RSVP, the happier the couple (and their florist, caterer, baker, event planner…..etc.) will be!

2. Along those lines: don’t assume that you’ll be able to bring a plus one if your invite wasn’t addressed to “and Guest.” Sometimes your friends want an intimate wedding or inviting more guests simply isn’t in the budget, and respecting their decision is key. Plus, meeting new people at weddings is the best!

3. Send a card that won’t get lost in the mix. In the months preceding the big day, at the reception, and in the weeks after, the newlyweds will be inundated with cards. Be sure that your well wishes don’t get lost in the shuffle with one of our unique wooden greeting cards. The sustainable, American-sourced wood will set it apart and make sure it last forever. Add a custom engraved message, from you to the love birds, for an extra special touch!

4. Mail your gift directly to the address provided on the registry, preventing any worries about lost presents or the inconvenience of making sure gifts get to the right place on the wedding night. Plus, less for you to carry when the party starts!

5. Aim to arrive at the ceremony about 30 minutes before it’s set to start. And whatever you do, don’t be late! No one wants to walk in when the bridal procession has already begun (we’re shuddering just thinking about it!).

6. Pick the perfect gift! You know and love this couple—make sure they see just how much with a present only you could chose for them. Was the bride an English major when you met in college? Our I Carry Your Heart wooden keepsake box is the perfect literary-inspired place for her to store trinkets, cards, and photos from the wedding. Does the groom have an amazing green thumb? We suggest the fun Desert Garden or lovely Floral Heart designs, in that case!




We took to social media to ask our Instagram followers: what makes an amazing wedding guest? We had so much fun reading through so many awesome responses! Here are some of our favorites:


“A great wedding guest will take lots of photos and make a surprise wedding book as a gift for the newlyweds. I also suggest that when you see the bride, you quietly ask her, ‘What can I do for you right now to help you enjoy this day?’ Really, it works!” — Marian, Pennsylvania


[For that lovely surprise photo book Marian suggested, we happen to have the perfect albums! We suggest customizing the cover with an engraved message, like the couple’s names, wedding date and location, or a meaningful quote, to make this sweet surprise extra special.]


“My wedding guests were awesome in conducting a surprise flash mob by learning my favorite song in American Sign Language (I’m deaf).” —Kay-Yun, @blunarwhale, California


“I think an awesome wedding guest should never leave the dance floor empty, to see people enjoy their wedding would definitely make the bride and groom happier.” —@nurdandemir, London


“RSVPs on time and shows up on time. Abides by the dress code.” —@politalabonita, Oakland, CA


“Take pictures! When you’re the bride, you don’t get to hang out with people as much as you want to, so seeing other people’s pictures is so much fun. It’s like reliving the best party from everyone else’s perspective.” —Kimmie, New York City


*Some quotes were edited for length and clarity.

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