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Fun Date Ideas for Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

There’s a reason we’ve all been on a ‘dinner and a movie’ date—it’s a classic! But sometimes for a special occasion, you want to do something a bit more outside the box than a good meal and the latest blockbuster. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered! We rounded up a few of our favorite ideas for a fun, memorable date, perfect for new couples, long-term loves, and Galentines alike.

Blog_Picnic basket.jpg

Pack a picnic and head outside!

The best part about this date is that it’s completely customizable! If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach like we do, head to the sand, sun, and sea. If you not, a local park will be the perfect backdrop for a romantic day in the fresh air! Live somewhere it’s too cold outside? Spread out a blanket on your living room floor and—voilà! All you need is a little imagination and a good sense of humor. Re: food, you can go as involved or as simple as you like! Even grabbing sandwiches from your favorite local cafe is great. After all, it’s the company that really matters! (Though we’re always partial to a super fancy cheese plate, if we’re being honest.)

blog cheese.jpg

Visit the adorable pups and cats at your local animal shelter!

Studies show that cuddling with a cute dog or kitten can increase levels of oxytocin in your system (also known as the “love hormone”!), perfect for building a closer bond with your person. And, who knows? For those in serious relationships, maybe this date will end with the introduction of a third (furry!) member of the family.

blog puppy.jpg

Visit a local bookstore and share your favorite books with one another!

Each of you can pick your favorite classic (think back to that Literature 101 class you took freshman year of college), your favorite book of all time, and one that you think your partner would like. If your shop has a cafe, grab a latte and just chat about these books! Super cheap, but super meaningful—you’ll learn a ton about each other in just a few short hours.

blog coffee.jpg

Spend an evening at an arcade or roller rink!

Nothing brings a couple together like some good old fashioned nostalgia! Strap on some skates or dominate at skee-ball, and feel like a kid again. Love will blossom over a shared cotton candy! Who knows? Maybe you’ll head home with that giant teddy bear you always wanted as a kid.

blog cotton candy.jpg

Haven’t been struck by Cupid’s arrow as of late? Spend February 13th celebrating one of our favorite holidays: Galentine’s Day!

Invite all of your best gals over and party the way the holiday’s creator (Park’s & Recreation‘s Leslie Knope, of course!) intended—with brunch! Make it potluck-style to keep hosting easy, and then just keep the waffles coming and the mimosas flowing. An awesome time will be had by all!

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